Documents Required for Registration Under GST.


PAN Card:

PAN card of Proprietor in case of Proprietorship, PAN of Business entity in case of any other business entity.

Adhar Card:

Adhar card of Proprietor in case of Proprietorship.

Photos minimum size 100 kb in jpeg format:

Photo of Proprietor in case of proprietorship, Authorize person (s) in case of any other business entity.

Constitutional Documents such as Shop Act, Udyog Adhar No, COI, etc:

 For proprietorship Shop act or Udyog Adhar Certificate is required. For Partnership firm Partnership Deed is required. for LLP or Private Limited Company Certificate of Registration / Incorporation is needed.

E-mail address, Mobile No: 

It is required for communication purpose.

Authorise Signitory:

It means that the authorised person who has all or significant right of business entity.

Authorisation Letter: 

Authorised person will submit his authorisation through sined letter and accept all terms and condition.

Bank Details:

Bank details are needed for refund or payment of GST liability, for this purpose Bank statement or canceled cheque should be submitted.

For Registration under GST, Filing of GST Return and other compliance under GST, do not hesitate to contact us through mail: